Fences in a combination of metal and wood

We make fences for your yard, terrace or staircase in a combination of wood and metal.

Metal fences in combination with wood bring a touch of warmth to the interior. 

A fence made of wood and metal is a perfect combination of a cold, solid material such as stainless steel and a slightly warmer, gentler material used since ancient times – wood

The wood we use in combination with stainless steel is laminated with multi-layer protection and can be in different pigments, as desired by the customer.

If you are interested in

Modern metal fences with wooden elements

contact us for price, selection advice or additional information.

Below, see pictures of some of the models of stainless steel fences with wooden elements that we have now produced and installed for our satisfied customers. You can choose one of the existing models or send us a sketch or photo of the fence you want.

Gates in a combination of metal (inox) and wood

Fences for the yard made of a combination of wood and metal can be successfully combined with gates made of wood and metal, which can be made sliding or winged, if desired.