Professionals in metal processing


The processing of stainless steel, carbon steel and sheet metal is the basic activity of Metal-Inox

The company Metal-Inox began its production life as a family company dealing with steel processing. Since 2001. we have been expanding our work, metal processing, to stainless steel processing. During twenty years of experience, we have constantly adapted to new trends on the market and the latest styles in furnishing space and decorating the exterior, thus our production and sales have expanded equivalently.

We have highly productive machines for metal processing, therefore we are able to offer a wide range of metal processing services.

In addition to the finished products we offer, for our partner companies we also perform service laser cutting of metal – sheets and pipes, CNC bending of sheets, CNC cutting of sheets, bending of pipes, polishing and grinding of stainless steel, welding and machining.

Production and assembly of products and elements made of steel and sheet metal

Metal-Inox provides a complete service of design, engineering, production and delivery of finished products and elements made of stainless steel, carbon steel and sheet metal.

Today it is Metal-Inox doo one of the leading manufacturers in terms of product innovation and market presence. We design and produce stainless steel furniture , machines and machine parts , we laser cut and bend panels , we produce custom-made gates , fences for yards, terraces, stairs , handrails for stairs and terraces, door handles.

The increase in the number of satisfied clients contributed to the fact that you can find our products throughout Europe and in all countries of the region.

Vision Metal - Inox

The vision of our company is directed towards growth and development in order to improve the offer of products and services, which must result in satisfied users and business partners.

Mission Metal - Inox

The mission of our company is that products and services satisfy the wishes of customers and that the technology used in production provides products and services that will be competitive in the market in terms of costs and quality.

Why should you decide to cooperate with Metal-Inox?

Through constant personnel training and the application of modern metalworking machine technologies, we arrive at the most favorable solutions in the field of planning and design, which leads to the expansion of our assortment every day.

You imagine, we make.

The technology of laser metal cutting, i.e. laser cutting of stainless steel, which we apply in our production process, allows us to meet your wishes and requirements as much as possible.

We follow world trends in design and interior decoration with steel furniture.

Our products are already found in renowned facilities throughout Europe.

We continuously adapt production processes to changes in technology development.

In our production, we use the most modern machines for metal processing.

By processing durable materials, we make your space safe.

We place a special emphasis on product safety, and since stainless steel is one of the safest materials for household use, better known as stainless steel, surgical steel or food-grade chrome, we do not introduce harmful materials into your home at the same time.