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Metal products

We form our production program according to the needs and demands of the market, which implies constant improvement of existing and introduction of new metal products. Our range includes a wide range of products, starting with small metal elements for landscaping, such as decorative planters, house numbers, key holders, umbrella stands, through handrails, fences and gates, canopy, construction staircases, up to large process equipment used in large industrial plants..

We can also boast of a large number of sales facilities that we have furnished with our equipment for boutiques, as well as hotels, restaurants and bars that are proud owners of our stainless steel furniture and decorative radiators.

The process of manufacturing metal products

We provide our clients with a complete service – from the idea through design, engineering, production and finally, if the product itself requires it, delivery and assembly. 

From our team you can expect:

Taking precise measures

When making fences, gates, canopies, staircase constructions, it is very important to take precise measurements, considering that exact measurements are extremely important for proper installation and stability. If the customer does not have a construction project, our engineers will go to the field and take all the necessary data so that our construction team can make your fence, handrail, pergola, radiator or gate as high quality as possible.

Proposal of conceptual solution

If you have an idea of what you want, but you are not quite sure how it is most efficient to implement your idea, our designer will offer you a solution that meets all your requirements in terms of functionality and aesthetics.


A very important item in the production process is engineering. After the conceptual solution has been adopted, a high-quality contractor’s project is necessary for any production process to be successfully completed.

Fast and quality installation

Quality installation is key to product functionality. All product elements are made in our production facility and then assembled in the field. We respect your space and time and therefore we try to complete all stages of production as soon as possible. After installation, the space is thoroughly cleaned and remains tidy.

Installation guarantee

The entire raw material used in the production process has all the necessary certificates and attestations.

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