Stainless steel elements

We produce stainless steel elements according to the specific requirements of clients.

By introducing the most modern technology, following trends in metal processing, investing in highly productive and precise laser machines for cutting pipes and sheet metal and CNC presses for bending sheet metal, we have opened the door for serial production of stainless steel elements, metal parts, subassemblies or entire stainless steel products for numerous branches of industry.

We produce parts for the automotive industry, agricultural machines, carpentry shops, spare parts for the machine industry.

Metal parts for furniture

We produce metal parts for all types of furniture.

We are proud of our past cooperation with a large number of companies from the furniture industry.

With us you can find:

Metal table legs

Stands for tables made of stainless steel

Stainless steel table legs

Stainless steel table shelves

Furniture handles

We also produce finished stainless steel products such as:

Stainless steel trash can

Decorative planters

Decorative grille for windows

Metal plates

If you need metal parts made according to your specifications, call us.