Metal processing and production elements from stainless steel and carbon steel

Metal – Inox is a company based in Čačku which deals with metal processing services and the production of finished products from stainless steel and carbon steel.

Metal – Inox consists of a team of young and dedicated professionals who use the most modern machines for metal processing, constant training and education in an innovative way to come up with concrete solutions. We continuously learn and adopt new technologies in the processing of stainless steel and other metals, in order to be able to respond to high demands in terms of functionality, aesthetics, quality and specificity of interiors and exteriors, whether it is small or large projects.

We are strengthening our presence on the market and continuously expanding the offer of our products and equipment as well as metal machining services, all in order to meet the needs and demands of our clients.

We strive to make your living or business space a safer and more pleasant place to stay.

Metal products

The metal products we make for our clients include the production and installation stainless steel fences, carbon steel fences, decorative laser cut – cnc fences for yards, terraces and stairs, gates for yards of stainless steel, carbon steel or laser cut sheet metal process stainless steel equipment, stainless steel furniture, decorative radiators, handrails, metal staircase constructions, and manufacturing of furniture and equipment for furnishing boutiques.

Along with the development of the production program, we are also working on the development of metal processing services that we provide to our partner companies So far, at Metal Inox, we have successfully developed service laser cutting of metal – sheets and pipes, CNC bending of sheet metal, CNC cutting of sheet metal, bending of pipes, polishing and grinding of stainless steel. We are able to easily and quickly implement any idea or specific request of your company into a real product with the help of educated staff and the machine park we own.

→ Bending of pipes

→ Polishing and grinding of stainless steel

→ Cnc turning

Become a partner of Metal - Inox

If you have a company that deals with construction works, interior design, architecture and design, and you think that our products would fit perfectly into your projects, invite us to enter into cooperation for mutual satisfaction.

If your company is in the pharmaceutical or food industry and you need process equipment, we are at your disposal, given that we have successfully manufactured and installed process stainless steel equipment for renowned companies in these industries. 

You are opening a new boutique and you need boutique equipment, metal elements or metal furniture to decorate the interior, we can also help you.

Your company is not able to carry out all the metal processing processes by itself, or you need serial production of metal elements, metal parts or stainless steel products, and we are able to provide you with the services of metal machining and serial production of stainless steel products. 

All you have to do is call us.

Our clients are our recommendation. We expand and grow with them.

See the companies with which Metal-Inox has cooperated so far.

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