Stainless steel material of the future

The use of stainless is expanding in various markets. To meet “Clean Air Act” requirements, coal-fired power plants are installing stainless steel liners around the world. Ecology has become the primary and basic factor of every business, which leads us to the increasing use of stainless steel materials in the future. Metal – Inox tries to keep up with the times and we have never been strangers to innovation.

Application of stainless steel material

Research continues to develop improved and unique applications of this material. Potential applications include assembly components (pipe fittings, clips, fasteners, clamps), temperature testing (switches) and springs. Also developed improved applications of stainless steel in industry, as a process equipment material, for precision miniatures and bearings of rolling instruments that reduce vibration, improved life and better surface compared to conventional materials.

All this use of stainless steel in industry speaks of its ecological importance in society as a whole. For this reason, stainless steel is widely used in furnishing boutiques, restaurants, hotels, food kiosks, and the meat industry. While on the other hand, by equipping and decorating the space with stainless steel, we gain quality of life and preserve health. All this speaks in favor of easy maintenance and cleaning and high and long-lasting quality. What experience tells us is that now stainless steel is positioning itself on the market and taking its rightful place.

For any ideas or advice, we are open to discuss, we can offer a large selection of products from this noble material.

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